Teaching and Training with Jeff Hinds from Muncie

Teaching and Training with Jeff Hinds from Muncie

Chicago is a long way from Muncie Indiana; In distance and culture.

It smells like the earth here. It has been too long since visiting a place this far away from the city.

A few back roads, an occasional deer and the light funkiness of a skunks ill-temper, I officially arrived.

How I loved the sounds of toads and crickets when I opened the car door at Jason’s House.

A nice steak dinner satisfied my hunger and seeing the edges of the Ball State campus brought back good memories of parties and training and the slight queasiness of unsure… Unsure if I studied hard enough- Unsure of what type if life I would have.

A quick review of the little kids with acne created a sense of happiness having graduated already.

I slept at midnight, awoke early and am rearing to go.

Class#1. Boxing Group (4 guys)

This class was a phenomenal class, with a group of guys that work harder than anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

One of the younger students (28 or so) took it to the extreme level of falling, laying and suffering until the rest period was over- and then hit I hard for another 3 min.. Repeatedly!!!

Jeff and I traded off between two people rotating them in and out switching off between heavy bag mittwork, medicine ball Burpee’s, ab machine punches for abdominals, push-ups, punching with dumbbells, more mittwork, and Jeff with the body shield just made them keep punching.

The rooms were hot, perfect condition for sweating your ass off.

These guys worked superhard and it was a pleasure.. Next class starts in 30 minutes.

Class #2 A man and his wife:

Our female client is a personal trainer at the YMCA in Muncie, so she is in shape. Jeff took it to her pretty hard a I worked over her husband with 5-punch combinations, alternating between 3lb dumbbell drills and the heavy bag.

Abs were last and they were severe.

3 rounds of static leg elevations, negatives and then leg lifts with a round of sit-ups in between.

This work out is tough enough to cause you to question your own sanity, but both folks were rearing for more. MOTIVATED!!!

It has been great to train in Muncie. Tomorrow (Sunday) we lift.


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