Extreme Boxing Workout – 3,000 Punches

Extreme Boxing Workout – 3,000 Punches
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Hector rocking out those last few punches on his 3,000 punch workout

As you know, I get right into it.  So here is goes:

I call this the 3,000 punch workout and it is a killer the first 5-10 times you complete this workout.

12 rounds of boxing

Rounds 1-4

Punching with 3lb dumbbells: Shadow boxing and constantly punching the entire 3 min round.

You much achieve a minimum of 300 punches per round.  If this is done, the last round may be completed without 3lb dumbbells.

You should reach about 1,200 punches.  Some people reach 1,400 punches after several attempts.


Rounds 5-8

Mitt work is the name of the game with the second set of punches.

There is a pattern, it is called Mayweather’s base routine.

Cross, Double Left Hook, Cross, Right Upper cut, Cross, Left Hook, Cross – then repeat the pattern with the double left hook, Cross, Right Upper Cut, Cross, Left Hook, Cross and repeat for the entire round.

The person holding the mitts will need to count (What!!!???)  Yes, you’ll have to count and hold the mitts, but I’ve made it easy for you.  Only count the upper cuts and when the round is over, multiply by 7.  that is the total amount of punches in each revolution.  If you reach 43 sets, you hit 301 punches in the round.

Just like the first set of punches (with dumbbells), this isn’t easy to achieve.  The first attempt, most students achieve 200-240 punches.  However, by the 3rd or 4th round, they are usually achieving at or near 300 punches.  The record in my boxing gym is somewhere around 448 punches in 1 round.. that’s 64 sets.


Rounds 9-12

Heavybag routines are the name of the game.  We extrapolate the amount of punches that a student has left after completing the last 8 rounds and determine how many sets they have.

Let’s say they were able to throw 1,200 punches with the dumbbells and 1,000 punches on the mitts.  That leaves 800 punches to go on the heavybag.

I usually save the very last round for 1 minute of burnouts (I’ll explain in a second), which amounts to 250 punches.   So that leaves us with 550 punches on speed drills.

Speed Drills

The ol’ 1-2 combination thrown successively for 30 seconds as fast as possible.  My students regularly throw 100-120 punches in 30 seconds (even the girls).   This amounts to 5 sets of 30 second drills

Set 1:   30 seconds   (100-120 punches)  – 30 second rest period
Set 2:  30 seconds   (100-120 punches)  – 30 second rest period
Set 3:   30 seconds   (100-120 punches)  – 30 second rest period
Set 4:  30 seconds   (100-120 punches)  – 30 second rest period
Set 5:   30 seconds   (100-120 punches)  – 30 second rest period

Burn Out Set:  60 seconds   (250-300 punches)
Just use the arms and hands to throw a punch, no shoulders or power.  Hands must go back to the chin each time.  Elbows down, thumbs up.  The student must be 3/4 of their arms length away from the heavybag.

After 30 seconds, its excruciating.

The Burn Out set is a staple of the Olympic Boxing team.

Did you achieve 3,000 punches?   If so, FANTASTIC!!

Remember, always throw shoulder punches when doing the heavybag drill (except for the burnout set).

Rocking those shoulders and rotating them fully is the only way to do this drill.


I never count a student’s punches unless they are twisting from side to side when throwing those heavy bag punches.



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