Boxing WOD (Hell Repeats)

Boxing WOD (Hell Repeats)

I’ve appropriately named this boxing workout, “Hell Repeats” because it is Hell and then you do it again and again.

Today’s workout will be (for those that choose to spar), interval sparring with multiple partners.

This boxing workout consists of a person (The Constant) sparring every minute with a new and every-changing partner.

The new partner will be well-rested and hungry to take advantage of his tired prey.

Here is an example (and prediction) of the noon class scenario:

Joe and Aaron will spar for one minute


I’ll call, “Joe Out!  Owen In!”  Then Aaron and Owen will spar for a minute


I’ll call, “Owen Out! Clint In!” Then Aaron and Clint will spar for a minute – Aaron is on his last minute, while Owen is fresh and rested.


I’ll keep this drill going for a total of 20-30 minutes making each person spar 3-4 minutes in a row and alternating the constant.


The length and level of each interval is determined upon the exhaustion level of each student – I take them to a point far beyond where they would normally go, while still keeping the drill safe.


**Due to the nature of this drill, overly aggressive students are dealt with harshly.  This is a fitness drill for the most part.  Good camaraderie is important.

Boxing Sparring:  2 Against 1

The second level of this drill after everyone is sufficiently fatigued, will be to pit 2 people against 1.  In the world of martial arts, this sparring scenario is common among anyone with a brown belt or above and teaches them 2 things:  calm under pressure and a strategy to win against two people.

Here is the winning strategy against two people:  Fight one at a time, aggressively… with the attempt of always keeping the person you’re fighting in between you and the 3rd person.  In other words, use your footwork to stay away from the 3rd person while fighting the man in front of you.

2 on 1 Psychology

The psychology behind 2 people against one is that the 3rd person will never be as aggressive as the immediate person fighting against the constant.  Often times, with hands, arms, and sometimes legs flailing about, an opening isn’t abundantly clear and the 3rd person doesn’t want to get accidentally hit by his own guy, so he waits for an opening.

In the movies, we see differently.  In the movies we see two people both taking their shots against one person.  In reality, there is always an alpha and he is usually the person to take initial action, until the constant is down and then the 3rd person jumps in to get in some shots.

During this drill, the constant uses his boxing footwork (exhausting) to keep fighting and beating the alpha, but also to keep the 3rd person behind the alpha.  \

The automatic nervousness of a person makes this boxing drill tiring, the footwork to keep one person away from you while fighting another person is exhausting and of course we swap out fighters just like before, so it becomes HELL…and then we do it again… and again.  The point, ultimately, is to train a fighter to fight while they are completely exhausted.

You’ll see this in a video that I will post in the afternoon (in about 14 hours).

  1. 30 minutes of alternating heavy-bag, jump rope, speed-bag, shadow boxing
  2. 30 minutes of Hell Repeats

Maybe Abs… we’ll see. 🙂


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